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God does reload, but it's only human Spirits into bulletproof bodies, and then only once.

I think he recycles the bugs' spirits overandoverandoveragain, 'cause no matter how much I swat 'em, the mosquitos ALWAYS come back to me like I'm a familiar buffet table.

Maybe bugs don't have spirits. I'm sure the germs don't.

God wants you to reload using the tools of your choice, because only a foolish steward would let the vinyard lie fallow. Those brass cases are like "talents" and should be put to their highest and best use as fabricated, recyclable goods.

It's also environmentally friendly. Take brass out of the waste stream. Put elemental lead back into the ground, so our gravity does not get weaker.

The safety of our world depends on keeping guys like you (and gals who share this sport/hobby/self-reliance lethal force training) shooting as often as possible.

Remember, Idi Amin in Uganda was able to slaughter the politically unpopular by ordering his police stooges to use hammers on their skulls ONLY BECAUSE THEY WERE DISARMED FIRST.
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