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Colorado training is virtually undefined. The only thing really defined is that it be handgun oriented and taught by a teacher who meets certain qualifications.

The class I took was excellent and I also took an unrequired, but excellent, follow up course. I'd recommend anyone spending the $$ and taking the responsibility of CCW to get as much training as they can afford.

But I think the reason it wasn't written in to the law ... most of us agree there should be some training involved, but how much and how expensive? Give the anti's half a chance and they'll try to force anyone getting a CCW to take 2000 hours of training and qualify as expert with every weapon known to man. Plus a thorough psyce eval.

From the classes I've seen, though, sounds like the place you were talking to is really pushing the low end limit. Most classes are pretty much a day in the classroom and a few hours at the range. Which is sufficient, I think.
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