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CCW training has apparently changed

I took my CCW training in, IIRC, 2000. We had the mandatory legal lectures, technical discussion, and practical exercise, involving shots at silhouette targets from 10, 25, and 50 feet.

I've been out of the shooting community for quite a while, due to this and that... you know. Seems things have changed pretty radically in Colorado.

Today, I was at a dealer, looking over the old rifles (and scored a sweet Mosin-Nagant M38). This dealer offers CCW classes: Monday evenings, 1800-2200.


I asked how the hell they squeezed the practical in there. "Oh, that's no longer required," he said. "The hell? You just get talked at about the whys and wherefores, never laying a hand on an actual gun, and that's good enough for carry now?!" "Yeah. I know, it's damned stupid, and we STRONGLY encourage our students to take practical training, but at least we can carry in Denver now."

No practical required for concealed carry. Good Bog. :barf:
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