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Just a report to anyone who may be interested. I took my reloading equipment to the range yesterday to find a safe/ideal load for Norma 204 and the Hornady 140 gr. 270 cal. B.T.S.P.,Federal large rifle primer; rifle is a Winchester Mod. 70 Featherweight manufactured by US Repeating Arms right after they bought the rights to the rifle production in the early 1980's.

First load was 54 gr. and the primer showed no signs of pressure. I fired loads up to 55.5 grains at which point the primer started to seriously flatten out. So I loaded up and fired some three shot groups for accuracy and found that the 54 gr. load was the most accurate. Groups measuring right around 1" at 100 yds. When I purchased the rifle I free-floated the bbl. and glass bedded the stock and action. It has always been a really good shooter, in fact better than several custom built varmit rifles which I have put together over the years.
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