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The deerskin gloves available at the cowboy shops, the ones made for roping, are real good. They are pretty thin, but hold up well. I buy them skin tight, sometimes searching through 15 or 20 pairs before finding a pair that fits just right. When right, they will stretch a small amount, and can be pulled off with the teeth if needed, tho it's not hard to shoot, load a gun, or whatever else needs attention in them. In extreme cold, I often wear the deerskin gloves under my mittens, and can pull the mitten off and have the glove on and usable right away. I wear them for shooting when it's cold out, and wear them at night all summer in the mountains. Gloves are a year round thing up at around 10,000 ft elevation

At $30 to $35 a pair, they are a bit pricey, but worth it.

They don't need soaking, or oil to keep well. I get about 2 winters out of them.

The deerskin work gloves are not a good substitute.
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