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Shooting with gloves on...

You beat me to it!

I was practicing a couple of weeks ago and also wondered how many other people practice the way they would be dressed for day to day winter time weather.

I have to use gloves once the temperature gets below the mid 30's or so or else I lose all the feeling in my fingers (makes it almost impossible to re-load a magazine). I am still searching for the "ideal" cold weather shooting gloves, but I have found a pair (made by Boss) that when combined with disposable hand warmers slipped into each glove, made it possible to shoot for almost two hours and still maintain feeling. My H&K USP45 fortunately allows for gloved fingers in the trigger guard.

And yes - I also practiced draw-and-fire with gloves on while wearing a coat - after all, that would be the way I am going to be dressed for weather here in Massachusetts.
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