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That is why I normally just stick with Hydra-Shocks and Cor-Bons in my carry gun (well, used to be guns).

I ran about 100 rounds of each through the USP, the FM, etc... before I decided to stay with these brands. Nothing happened except for a BANG and a hole in the paper.

When they come out with the next "greatest and latest" SD ammo, I still just got my Hydro-Shocks and my Cor-Bons, they were tested and true and it cost quite a pretty penny to do that!

I had some (forgot the name) SD ammo that I bought because it was the "latest and greatest" and had so many jams that I gave away the rest I had left (and yes, I told the person that I gave them to) and he had the same problem. Guns used (this I remember) was the USP .45 and a Glock, so it was the ammo, not the guns.

Also, it's good to do this, this way you know:

I load up my mags with the SD ammo of choice. Every six months I goto the range and empty said ammo down range into a piece of paper and load up with the same type of ammo but fresher.

Why do I do this?

1. When you clean (I clean my carry gun every two weeks) you can rotate the cartriages in the mag and then put one in the pipe.

2. You can only rotate so much before you may start to drive the bullet into the casing and causing high pressure buildup.

3. It gives you a chance to retest your SD ammo of choice.

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