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I've actually had handloads resist moisture after having spent a fair amount of time immersed. I have been giving consideration, however, to painting the primer pockets with a dab of clear fingernail polish. Then, however, one's concerns drift to whether the acetone in the fingernail polish will hurt the primer before it dries. I've been considering running some tests with .45 acp out of a progressive reloader. To really tell, I would have to sample large batches done this way, say 500 to 1000 or so. My thought is to place the loaded cartridges in a loading block and shine a map light on their bases for several minutes to warm them up, then, with a fan running, paint the primer pockets with the polish. Hopefully this would cause the laquer to evaporate quickly, and cause the vapors to rise.

I honestly don't think that water would get in around the bullet if the case is crimped, but it would be no real dificulty to paint that union, too. I suppose for super effectiveness, one could paint the inside of the belled mouth of the case just before seating the bullet, but talk about experimental! Your pressures would increase dramatically, I'm thinking...

If the cartridge headspaces on the case rim, a layer of laquer may change your accuracy, too. All in all, I'd probably leave the case mouth alone and concentrate on sealing the primer pocket.

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