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Practice makes perfect (sense)!

I do a whole lot of shooting at the range, tactics training, dry fire, and even the CCW stuff. However, one thing that NEVER occured to me was to shoot my self-defense rounds to check for functionability!(I mean, it's factory ammo, so IT HAS TO WORK!)

I recently purchased some HP's from the ammoman, so I decided to shoot off the other HPs that wERE stored in my CCW/home defense on the way to my shotgun pistol.

Despite the fact that I had these HPs for over a year, I would have never thought that I could have bad ammo! When I shot these suckers off, every other one resulted in a FTF (bad primer) or a mini kaboom!. I was tapping and racking....and eventually just racking like a maniac! Naturallyl, I ASSUMED that it was my pistol, but I tried 4 other guns, and got the same results. This scared the sheize out of me! I felt (still currently feel) like an idiot for NEVER TESTING THIS BATCH OF AMMO OUT BEFORE I STORED IT IN MY WEAPON!

So from now on, I will not have a lot of self-defense HP's lying around for more than a month; I will always shoot off at least 20% of the box to "test" it before I store it in my weapon.

Has anyone else ever tripped upon this "discovery" before?
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