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Thanks all.

I've been thinking more and more about it and I will either get the bike back this weekend or I will start court proceedings on monday.

I have called the police and it's a "civil matter" since it was supposed to be fixed in a deal I had made with him and another. My only witness to the deal died last month (my uncle) so I don't have him to testify.

I never did get the bike put into my name even though it's paid for, it's still in the name of the person I bought it from and he's my boss at work. And, he's highly connected with many of the big hitters in the state so maybe if need be I can get him to pull some favors owed to him to maybe get some things done around here.

I've already given the information (name of guy, what is happening around here) to him (my boss), my Mom, and a fellow co-worker. They have the guys name and phone number that they can give to the police and also the directions to the place that he runs.

I don't care about mere property, I can always get what I paid for it and also abit more in court, I'm just got this funny feeling about this whole deal. That maybe the others were supposed to "do something" but didn't because of either being on the phone and telling the person that I would call them back, etc.. when the guy came over.

But, I could have left the door unlocked in the car and a passing transient came by and checked the door and it opened and he caught them and sent them running.

Oh well, lessons learned.


Doesn't sound like a very friendly nieghbor hood. I would suggest getting your bike back and finding more suitable place to live.
Won't be run off my own place. The house/property is family owned and I will be the one getting it. I will be moving next year so I can clean out the house and start working on it without having to move things and have windows/stuff out and having to live here also but once the house is finished I will be moving back into it.

The neighborhood really isn't that bad except from my place (because of the place across the street) to Creswell (all of goshem (and I'm spelling that wrongly)) is not a good neighborhood. It used to be before the guy across the street died and his ex-wife took over and moved in her druggie boyfriend and then he allows the transients to come over and work (and get drugged up) for drugs. I've called the cops but they won't do anything about them (transients are treated like kings and queens in Eugene because of the bleeding heart liberals).

Normally I wouldn't come on the boards and talk this much but my "spidie sense" is tingaling and I don't have a good feeling in the pit of my stomach. I won't go out any longer and just check things out after everyone is gone.

Thanks again.

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