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i've had two more run ins, one with the aunts husband (i may have told about this already, i forget), but he was just getting verbal.
tonight thought both psycho aunt and him cornered me at my post (working id check point for wetside of hockey arena) and went on and on about how i'm the scum of the earth and i'm on everyones ****-list and were all liars and thiefs and blah blah blah.

i have to admit i did bait them a bit, i did throw a few things back in their face, didnt do much good. so when they started cussing me out royally i took a few steps back and told them to 'Walk away', which they really didnt like. so i threw out a 'Want to get tossed from the building?' and started calling for my partner with the radio so i could get some backup, that made them scurry off.

talked with a police officer who was in the building, and he said it sounds like i've got enough to get a restraining order put against them. i've already started a paper trail, filling out an incident report with the security office of the arena, and let them know what happened.

so now i gots a question. when i get a RO against the aunt and her husband, thats going to make it so they cant come around my home or work, but could they turn around and have a RO put against me in retaliation?
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