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Ok, I've started shooting enough to justify reloading. I'm thinking about getting a Dillon 550b. Starting with a progressive doesnt bother me as I am very mechanically inclined and a progressive best suits my needs (practice, plinking, IDPA). As there are no Dillon dealers it my town I'm probally going to mailorder. Are there any online dealers (other than Dillon itself) with good prices? Anyone know of any places/people selling used equipment? What would be the minimum amount of equipment nessary to get started? What options/accessaries for the 550b are the most usefull. And lastly which items should I buy the best quality I can find, and which can I compromise on.
Also can anyone recomend a good book on progressive reloading (so far all I have to go on is the Dillon catalog and what I've learned here.

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