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Okay, I have one

Strange going on's here.

I'll bullet statement:

*I'm in the process of getting this guy to get my motorcycle back to me. It's been over 3 months+. He was supposed to fix it.

*I started to make demands along the line of, "Give me back what is mine".

*After that happened, the guy across the street asked me about it (the motorcycle and if I got it back).

*I met with the guy and he said that he had been sick and that it would take another week.

*Tonight, the guy across the street comes over and says that someone had the passenger door open on my car early this morning and he ran them off.

Now, that is basically what is going on/happening. I went outside to check the car with him and didn't see anything that looked like forced entry. No windows were broken because I had to scrap ice this morning. The seals were fine, the lock was fine (used the key to lock/unlock it to ensure no internal damage), etc.. The only way into the car would have been either a key or a remote that worked for the car.

The Firebird which is on the side yard, was untouched (in an area that it would be easier to break into). The Impala is right out by the road, cars coming by can see if anyone is messing with it.

Now, this guy that has my motorcycle, by the name of Bryon Kelso (in case I go missing, you know the name) who owns Goshem sales and consignments, about 3/4 of a mile from my house on the left hand side right before the big private gas depot (putting this here so that it's on a file to use) is not the most trustworthy person (I didn't know that before hand).

I did the right thing while in the house, I turned on the outside light (it floods the car also), I had the FM with me (I'm still trying to get to grips with either having to charge it to get it ready (that's the way it is now) or carry it cocked and locked) and I put it into my back pocket. But while worried about the car and such, I noticed that I took my attention away from him.

Yet, in a way I trust him but right now, with this happening twice (him coming over after dark and not when I first get home) and with him, and the transients around here, knowing Byron, I'm starting to think that I'm being set up.

I'm not paranoid, just too many strange things going on after the phone call to byron about my bike. I don't know if he's hired the transients or the guy across the street for any type of funny business.

Okay, so I was naive(sp) and trusting, but this is starting to get me to wondering what is going on. In Oregon we're not allowed to protect property and it's only a car but if I'm being targetted, I wanted to 1) have it on some sort of file (here) and 2) to be able to give my account of events just in case (here).

All I have at my disposal is the FM 9mm with the original 10rd and 1 13rd (and about 200 rounds of ball, loaded right now with Hydra-Shocks, both mags) and a 12 gauge shotgun. Pistol is just to get to the shotgun, I've already decided that (reminder to myself, get the 12 gauge shells out so you can reload DUH!).

Just too many "things" going on, with byron not answering or calling back or answering and excuse after excuse, the guy next door (named Don Cobb for the file) is a drug addict and I don't know if anything has been promised to him for anything that he may do. Which makes him just as dangerous.

The only thing that I can think of is:

1. I left the door unlocked (nothing stolen) and some bum/transient tried to get into the car and he chased them off (then Kudos and thanks).

2. It's a setup to see if I will come outside (I did a scan and didn't see anyone around except for him) if he was supposed to do me in (only had a flashlight).

3. He's lying to try to pretend that he's looking after the place since my uncle died and trying to get in good with me.

4. Something is going on and if I don't get my act together, I may well end up dead from this drug addicts, transients, etc..

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