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Glock 31,
Their is a magazine that is dedicated to, and available only to those directly involved in police special operations.
That magazine is The Tactical Edge, the official magazine of the National Tactical Officers Association.

SWAT Magazine has a more broad based population, both as writers and readers.
There are some tactics, techniques and procedures (TTP) that are transparent, but there are others that are not.

There are no articles in SWAT that are only for police and military. Even those that (for example) review a certain weapon, piece of equipment or ammunition available only to a specific user community are included for general information- something that a great many people want (take a look at any errornet forum and see what people are interested.

From my viewpoint up here on the soapbox, i would not submit a story to SWAT that had anything to do with sensitive information relative to TTP.
There are other venues for that (such as NTOA). SWAT Magazine is a general type magazine, and covers a wide variety of subject matter for the benefit of all.

Pat sends
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