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If you are getting excessive swelling John gave you good advise. Some bulging of the case is normal. Certain Glocks are worse than others (.40). I am not aware of a fully supported barrel that is available. I don't see how it would feed. You can reduce the bulging by going to a barrel with a "match" chamber. There is a possibility of less reliable feeding when you do this though. You did not state what type of weapon you had so it is hard to determine the problem. One thing I have done to more fully resize the case for reloading is to surface grind the shellholder appox. .040" to allow deeper sizing. Some dies have a large "bell mouth" and do not size as well. Look at your primers. They will give you a good indication of the pressure level. If you are shooting a .40 S&W do not try to made a 10mm out of it.HTH
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