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Thanks for the information!

I knew I'd get some good answers here. *grin*

I don't reload yet, and I don't think I can fit a reloader in my studio AND keep a 4x5 enlarger AND a computer and TV, AND a bed to sleep in! (But I promise with my first house comes a reloader! woohoo!)

So there is no problem with that. Good point with the lack of explosive warnings on the factory ammunition. I think I'm on fairly safe legal ground here, then.

No, the landlady is NOT paying for new locks. In fact, she outright refused when I asked. (It's a VERY good rate in a decent neighbourhood so I overlooked this irritating point.)

I planned to have new locks put in right away, but she insisted that I had them keyed to her master too, so I suspect it'll be a a week until I can find a time where the locksmith will show up at the same time as me and her (and her master key).


Again, thanks for the advice. =)

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