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There has been a lot of humor on this thread and I like that. In a more serious vein there was a case in San Jose, Ca where the woman was taking a shower in her apartment when an intruder came in with a key. He worked for a plumbing maintenance company (the one with a skunk on the truck) and had been given a master key by the apartment manager. He said his intent was only to burglarize but he found a naked woman in the shower. He went into the bathroom with a kitchen knife in an apparent attempt to rape. She was stabbed repeatedly and ran from the apaprtment naked and bleeding. She bled to death very quickly on the front lawn in front of her neighbors. He was on parole.
I have forgotten her name but she was a nice lady who worked at a local hospital.
The statement that his intent was only to burglarize was made after he got a lawyer. Perhaps you might want to give some serious thought to your security arrangements.
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