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I use RCBS's 45-255 bullet in .45 Colt. This is very close to Keith's design. Many mold manufacturers put a rounded lubrication groove in their "Keith" style bullets so that they will drop more easily from the mold. This results in an easier to make bullet, but it does reduce the amount of bullet lube. The "true" Keith design has a square lube groove, which sometimes is more difficult to make drop from the mold. I think most cast bullet manufacturers would use the rounded groove bullet molds in the interest of speedy bullet making. I have both versions in 44 caliber which I shoot more often, and both seem to work out well, even on the hot loads. I agree on the above post about reading SIXGUNS. It's a great book. Also read his book, HELL. I WAS THERE. Fascinating reading about a great man. Some of what he says appears to be brag, but too many people back him up. I believe he did do what he says he did. I hope this helps somewhat. And yes, I cast my own.
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