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until you get really really good
Don't forget to use an UNLOADED GUN, or SNAP-CAPS, when practicing this
Even if you get really really good, still better to practice this using an UNLOADED GUN, or SNAP-CAPS

Good question that I will be asking myself this year. In Oregon it gets cold but so far this winter is turning out to be alot colder than normal! I usually could get away with not wearing gloves but now I am using them.

The HK had a trigger guard that allowed easy access to the trigger even with gloves but all I have now is the FM 9mm and it doesn't. With the now use of gloves, it becomes an issue. I don't know yet but I'm working on it.

I also just bought (ordered) a parka from Cabela's(sp?). It has the thermathin or something like that material that supposed to take away the bulk of the old parka's but still protect you and is warm at 0 or below (to -10 or something). And it's "tall" as in it will hang lower on my body (don't know how long yet, will be here by next friday) so I will have to redo my setup.

I could just go with fanny pack I guess, never got the shoulder holster deal right . As for the gloves, that is something that I will have to either go without gloves, find a way to remove the right hand glove quickly, etc.. I haven't really thought about what actions to take and practice yet.

Again, good question and thread .

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