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Pistol deployment and gloves

Cold weather is here for most of us. How many of you practice drawing while wearing gloves and other cold weather, necessary, garments? I would like to know training techniques for when the weather has turned nasty?

When is the last time anyone has practiced drawing a gun wearing gloves or other heavy clothing that restricts your movements? I usually switch from an IWB holster to a shoulder holster when the temperatures drop. Reaching for my pistol in an IWB holster while wearing a longer length coat and at times multiple layers was not in my best interest. I have found that keeping all layers over my gun and holster open enough to let me draw, except my outer layer, works better. This lets me only have to move one zipper to get to my gun. I also have thin gloves that allow my trigger finger to fit inside my trigger guard.

Do any of you have any good pointers or techniques that facilitate cold weather deployment? I always look for new and/or better ways to keep safe. Or is this something that has sneaked past everyone's radar screen?
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