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Actually, Sierra and Hornady *do* say to back off about 5%.

With the reduced powder capacity, there is bound to be some attending increase in pressure if you leave the charges the same. Question is, how much? I never have been one to load my non-magnum calibers up to Romp'em Stomp'em, so this isn't a big deal to me. I've killed at least one deer with reloaded military '06 brass and a standard charge of 4350 with a 165 Remington. (2750? There abouts...) It's just a good thing to keep in mind when you start turning up the volume; you don't have quite the case capacity, and if you were already at higher pressures with commercial brass loads... pressure's a funny thing, the way it buids geometrically.

But on the whole, I'm with Mikey. If you're loading a load that's actually published in a modern manual, you're not loading something hot enough to worry your head about it.

Will you, too, be one who stands in the gap?


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