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I don't own a .38Special. All my .38's go through my Smith Model 19 or Ruger Blackhawk. My 6" Smith and Wesson model 19, prefers .38Sp cases over .357mag cases as far as accuracy is concerned. After *sticking* a light target round in the barrel of the Marlin Cowboy II yesterday morning, I have decided to use something a little stronger in both the Smiths and the Marlin. Paper punching is the goal, 158gr cast is the bullet. I had good luck with some commercial loads using 158 gr plated at 1000 fps in .357 mag cases. I guess what I am driving at, is I want to use a consistant load, be it in a .357 mag case or .38 sp case. I want to use a cast SWC, simply becuse it is cheap, and it works great in the Smith. The Marlin isn't much of a concern accuracy wise, as it can/will shoot far better than I can ever hope to. The powders I have on hand, Accurate #5, 2400, and Unique. I am open to other powders, and in fact I had some ancient (might be 20 years old) 158gr over WW 231 that worked pretty well. I've seen some good things about Universal Clays also. This is a 500 time shot kind of thing since I have on hand a box of 500 cast SWC. After these are gone I am going to switch to a differnt style to aid feeding in the Marlin. Any suggestions?

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