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I have put together some loads using 300 gr. Lazer-Cast bullets for my New Model Ruger Super Blackhawk in .44 mag. The data I used was sent to me from Lazer-Cast a few months before their new reloading manual came out. It specifies a starting load of 18.0 grs. of H110 and a max load of 21.0 grs of H110. After firing the first 5 shot string (18.0 grs of H110) I stopped because I noticed flattened primers. I have seen flattened primers before (on factory loads also), and have read that they are not reliable indicators of high pressure signs. Does anyone know if this data is accurate? Is this datat the same as was published in the new manual? Am I on thin ice with these loads, or are they within reasonable limits? Thanks in advance. Shake
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