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But I feel real badly for the wife and family. He could just as easily have run up the aisle screaming "I'm the President of the United States, put me on Air Force One" and he'd be alive, but hospitalized, today. He was having a psychotic episode. He did not "deserve" to die, but the marshals had no way of knowing and they did what they were supposed to do. I expect they are sad to find to learn the guy was mentally ill and off his meds too.

Keep watching... Someone is going to suggest that we get some sort of "Sane Individual I.D. Card" that certifies our mental health before we can fly, and there'll be a new no-fly list of anyone on medication for depression, whatever... After all, how can the security people know who is on medication and has kept up with the dosage?

I also agree with the air marshalls' actions in this case. The woman and her husband bear responsibility for what happened to him, and no one else. HE probably was aware of how he can get when off his meds; and SHE had to be aware of how he can get when he's off his meds. Now AFTER the fact, the family is saying that he was off his meds? They didn't think about what could happen if he went nuts on an airplane because of it?

And I HATE these idiots who ask (when they ask, they're not asking, they're suggesting) that someone in law enforcement or even a civilian would-be victim should have "shot to wound" rather than shot to stop -- which generally involves lethality in order to be sure the attacker is "stopped." Get a life.

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