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Surely you see both sides?
I do see both sides, and I don't think it's a North/South thing. I was wrong to imply that.
It could just as easily be a Midwestern/New England thing. Or, from a few upstate NY farmboys I've known, a regional thing within the NY area.

The thing is, some people will take a personal risk of life and freedom to protect people they know from harm. Others will look at the risk to life and freedom and decide the risk is to great. It seems the risk is often considered to be excessive in large metropolitan areas, regardless of location. In smaller towns, and farming communities, people are more willing to take a chance and assist each other. It's a matter of knowing your neighbors and valuing your neighbors, even if you do not particularly like them.

Maybe I'm still off base, but where I live, if this occured, people would wonder why a man did NOT respond, not question the fact he did.
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