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Go to your local paper supplier & ask for 100% cotton bond paper or (cheaper) use Mead's Eraseable Bond. But here's the BIG catch: you need paper of the CORRECT thickness. You can either "mike" the paper or wrap the bullet with a "test wrap" just about 1/8 in. shy of two full wraps and "mike" this. For example, paper 0.00275 in. thick will increase your bullet diameter 0.011 with two wraps. Remember, the bore has TWO sides! Another example: say your Sharps bore (not groove) diameter is .451, theoretically you need a bare bullet of .440 with paper 0.00275 to bring said bullet up to bore diameter, which is what the old Sharps bullets were patched to. This was to stave off wiping after every shot as well as to seat the huge bullets almost out of the case to make room for lots of powder. A trick is to size your PPBs to a known diameter that will work with a given paper. Or you can scour the western hemisphere looking for a correct thickness of paper. Trust me, sizing is easier.
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