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My $.02 is you call 911, keep an eye on the house. Maybe if you certain something is wrong (non stop screaming, or the lady lives alone and is screaming help) and the cops are taking too long, you go to the door with a CW hidden in it holster and you knock(that is it). It happened to me a long time ago, an old lady in my apartment complex was screaming "Help Me". I called 911 and went up to the door and knocked. She didn't answer the door until the cops showed up, apparently the poor lady was having some mental issues. I have small kids and they can let out some blood curdling screams when they are playing, which drove me nuts at first , but now I know the difference between the play screams and pain/fear screams. If a armed neighbor kicks down my door, while I have my gun, something bad accidently might happen.
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