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The inital cost can be high but the improved accuracy/sastifaction of reloading is worth it. I just started reloading a while ago and I;ve been keeping track of costs. After 1000 rounds of JHP ( Hor XTP, Silvertips ) I figure I have "saved" about $300 dollars if I had bought Factory JHP, such as Speer Gold dots, Silvertips, Golden Sabers, etc. ) Compared to factory FMJ I've saved about half. As a rough break down

100 reload JHP
100 Hor XTP bullets ( 16 )
100 Federal Primers ( 1.50 )
Powder ( Win 231 ) ( ~1.70 )
Brass ( 15.00 )
= $33

For the brass I;ve always used brass from FMJ factory loads I've shot, so price is high. Also I paid $17 for a container of Winch 231 powder and done over 1000 reloads so far, so I did some math to figure out cost for 100.

Pick your favorite JHP and figure out the cost of 100 rounds and compare. I've paid $12 for 20 factory loaded Golden Sabers.

I read the ABC's of reloading and then went through it with a friend a few times. Overall its pretty straight foward and easy, just need to be careful.
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