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I've just started reloading myself a coyple of months ago, and unlike some of the previous posts, I'm in it for the MONEY.

What it comes down to is how much do you shoot? I shoot my 1911 about 750 rnds a week.
.45 costs about $11 a box retail. I reload for a cost of $2.95 a box. So each week I save about $120.

A previous post mentioned that you don't really save money because you shoot more. I agree completely when I had to buy the ammo retail I would only shoot about 300 rnds a week. So, you do the math. In any case I'm shooting more and enjoying the benifits reloading has to offer.

A final note most commercial ammo is what we consider Hard Ball Loads. Reloading lets me use less powder than in commercial loads(Hey, We're only shooting targets now), and in doing so it reduces the wear and tear on the handgun if it's an automatic.

I've also had very positive experiences with Dillion, and can personally recommend their products and company.


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