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Reloading has to be on of the best things I've taken up in shooting in the past few years.

I enjoy it for the same reason I like calligraphy -- guess you'd call it self-discipline and self-control. I have no need to weigh every powder load I throw, for example, but i do. Why? 'Cause when I pull that trigger I know I'm going to send a good one downrange or into my target.

All my reloading gear, except my callipers and dies, was purchased secondhand. It's not flash or sophisticated (nor am I), but I highly recommend an RCBS Rockchucker press like mine. The scales are Hornady manual scales, slow but sure.

To me, the advantage is I can make rounds up to my specification -- e.g. if there's a chance of seeing goats while out fox hunting, I'll make up some 52-grainers (just a few) to go with the 40-grainers for the fox.

It's great fun and very addictive.

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