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I'm fairly alone in this process. I do have one friend that reloads, and has all the tools in the world for it. Unfortunately, he and I do not live near each other.

I'll definitely do some reading on the subject. as far as how much I shoot, as often as I can. How many rounds I shoot depends on how much time I am at the range. For example, I have used about 1500 rds of 308 win since Feb. I just bought a Garand and would like to shoot it as often, but 30'06 is so darn pricy. I go through .45ammo like Clinton had imposed a moratorium on it (you scared the crap out of me with that one!!!)

I have NO problem with used stuff. I prefer it, so long as it is in working condition. So I'll check for gun shows I can go to. The last one where I live was in May, and have not heard about one since. Where can I get Shotgun News?

Thanks all, great advice and help. I'll be getting a few new books this week.
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