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You might hunt up a copy of "Shotgun News or The Gun List and look up nearby gun show dates. You can find good used stuff for about half price or so. I'm still loading with stuff which was new in 1950; it does quite well. How used you wanna get?

A C-type press, powder scale and dies are all you need for rifle, basically. A powder measure makes pistol reloading easier. The only part of the deal where you should be careful is inspection of used dies, making sure there are no scratches in the sizing die.

Some stuff you can figure out for yourself. I used to use a screwdriver to clean primer pockets, for instance. And if you have, or a friend has, a drill-press, you can drill holes in a board as a loading-block to hold the cases when you pour in the powder.

Often the guy selling used stuff is also selling lots of "stuff" which is useful: Extra case-holders for the press, case-trimmers, case-mouth reamers...

Go slow, don't be in a hurry, and try to go with an experienced reloader, if you know somebody...

Best luck, it's fun!

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