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When it came time to teach my nephews to shoot I bought them seven shot bolt action 22 lrs. I gave them all the safety points I could every time we went shooting and as they got older they got really good with their 22s.

Bolt actions made them both solid hunters as they had to make their shots count. I am happy I started them with those guns and trained them in what they needed to know.

One of them went into the Marine Corps and shot expert. He went to Somalia and said he was happy he had learned to shoot so well as alot of others had to work hard to acheive his skill level.

The other is one of the best Elk hunters you have ever seen and is still on the same box of bullets for the last five years after killing an elk every year.

Guys where I shoot at the club shoot speed steel with 22LR and they are very fast with them. I believe all shooting is good for training and the more you get to shoot the better you will be. But I am no expert.

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