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This is my last post on the subject, here or there.

I did NOT say weigh ALL your charges, at least for one calibre. I said weigh what your MEASURE throws, and adjust the measure to suit. If it says 30 and it weighs 40, make a note and adjust the setting of the measure to THROW 30 grs. Ain't hard to do, unless you gotta wear glasses, like I do, set the damned thing to the actual weight/volume, and scratch a line. This is your actual throw at that weight, as VOLUME.

From here on in, go strictly by the VOLUME throw of the now calibrated MEASURE. That wil be within a gr or 2 and, unless you are at a Sheutzenfest, great. This is supposed to be fun shooting, still trying to get 'em all inside a quarter at 25 yds, but fun.

I AIN"T sayin' to take your scales to the range and weigh all your charges unless you ARE at a Sheutzenfest, and really serious about your shootin' and you wouldn't be shooting at 25 yards anyhow, would you? Well, mebbe you would, I forget what range they shoot at. But still.....

If you are off a skosh at 35 gr, mebbe just push up or down the inner thing a hair, you'll be close enough. If you are off 7 gr in 20, like with mine, you are way out in left field. That is 35%. Again, if I believed the MEASURE at 20 gr, and loaded 20 gr 777 in my 36, by VOLUME, per my MEASURE, without reducing 15%, I would be loading 27 gr by VOLUME. That is supposed to be enough to break your 36 brass framed gun. Mebbe your hands, too.

Can you see where I am coming from?


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