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Stephen A. Camp
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Hello, Ellis! Here's a couple of 9mm loads that have worked very well for me in Browning HPs, SIG-Sauers, CZ-75s, and several Stars.
Load #1: Sierra 115 gr PJHP/6.2 gr. Unique/FC cases/WW or Fed small pistol primers. LOA~1.03". Ave vel from HP: 1242 ft/sec and it is accurate. Load #2: 124 gr Hornady XTP/6.0 gr Unique/rest of load the same. LOA ~ 1.11". Ave vel from HP: 1243 ft/sec and 1238 ft/sec from the CZ75. This is a most accurate load. Neither are max, but they are on the "warm" end of the scale so I wouldn't increase powder charges except in small increments. best.
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