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I'm like Art-- I never worry much about the "official" COAL, but I do measure it and write it in my book to keep track of what I did last time. Can't see how I used to reload without verneer calipers... even the cheapest set gives you so much more data and repeatability.

I tend to have a manual from every company that I buy bullets from. You can come up with some very interesting realizations by bouncing back and forth. I like the way the Speer manual reads, but I use the Sierra Manual the most. Sierra also publishes their hotline in their manual, (and on their website) and I find it very endearing that they have a reloading tech support line set up for me, 12 hours a day.

Hornady's 2-volume set of drop tables in one book and reloading data in the other is excellent.

I have a real weakness for more data-- don't ever limit me to just one source! So, naturally, I feel that my reloading library is just not complete with fewer than 3 (or is it 5, now? ) current manuals on the shelf.

Will you, too, be one who stands in the gap?


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