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RK This is what threw me and was the reason for my reply.

"No measurer will ever be as consistent as a set of scales and a trickle charger and here is why..... If you use a spout from a flask you place your finger over the end of the spout and turn it upside down and open the latch to let the powder fill the spout and your finger keeps the powder from falling out . The problem is that the spout may hold 40g when in a upright possition but when you place your finger over the spout the skin or tissue of your finger is pushed into the spout taking up just a little room in the end of the spout. When you turn the flask up straight and take off your finger you will see that the spout is not all the way full so you may have 38g instead of the 40g you wanted."

What I'm saying is what ever the measurer holds will be consistant to how ever you have it adjusted. 38gr would be 38gr each time , thats consistiancy right...anyway that's how I've been doing it for over 20 years...
Sorry if i misunderstood you RK.


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