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Hell Mike,st.nick Has To Catch A Train To Get To My House! Know All Of This Powder Measuring Info Is Cool And Interesting But Man,it Is Just A Little Much Dont Ya Think?take Your Measurer,what Ever It May Be,load Up The Chambers W/a Safe Charge And Have Fun.thats Why I Love Bp So Much Is Because Its Not As Intense As Modern Reloading,which I Do Also.bp Is Just Plain Fun And It Doesnt Have To Be That Far As Tinkering With The Workings Of These Guns ,now Thats One Thing,because Its Fun But To Get So Wrapped Up With The Loadings Is Just Too Much For Me.i Shoot Between 25-40 Gr Of 777 Or Goex,yes Mike I Do Have Some From The Older Days, Im Not Calling Anyone Out Here Im Just Saying We All Are Here To Have Fun And Learn But Going Over Bp101 Or Bp102 Is Just Too Much For Me Cause Then It Becomes Too,lets Just Go To The Range And Shoot The Hell Out Of These 58's,60's,51's,49's,or What Ever Your Pleasure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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