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I've had a Pro 1000 for about a year and a half now. Probably done around 4000 rounds through it. I've replaced the plastic indexing gears once and find the bullet feeder option more trouble then it's worth.
You've got to keep the primer feed pretty clean and keep primers in the tray. I clamp down my die holder to eliminate up and down play and get consistent seating depth that way. Yes, I fuss with it a bit but I'm not convinced that you don't with any of them.
I would have bought a Dillon if I was only doing one caliber but when you add the cost of Dillon tool heads the Lee fit in my budget better. I do four diferent calibers so like not having to adjust dies all the time. If dollars were no object I'd buy Dillon probably. A freind of mine just bought an RCBS Ammo Master but hasn't used it yet. Just my experience.
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