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I have to agree with Sport45 about this one. I know the "Lee versus Dillon" issue will always be like "Ford versus Chevy", and I know the Dillon has a very deserved reputation, but there is life without Dillon.

I bought a Lee Pro 1000 for two reasons. First, I played with a Dillon 550 at a gun store, but the ergonomics weren't good for me. I'm a lefty, and the way I worked, the 550 was awkward for me. Second, the 550 would have cost me me $300+ without dies. I bought a Lee 1000 on sale from Midway for $117, including carbide dies! The rest I spent on powder, bullets, etc., and still spent less than the price of the Dillon press alone.

By now, I've reloaded somewhere in the vicinity of 7 to 8K rounds without any parts breaking, etc. To date, I am satisfied.

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