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You’re right, I’m glad I readjusted my measure to re-check the 40gr load. I usually leave the measure set at 30gr for my target shooting and it has a pretty stiff “click” to it when you re-adjust it to another setting, so I must have gotten two clicks for the price of one on that first try and ended up measuring 45gr instead.
So I have probably fired 6 shots with 45gr of fffg goex, and no problems from the gun at all, actually it grouped pretty well and had a pretty good kick to it ( but not uncontrollable) and a nice big blast! (Folks, don’t try this with substitute powders since they have higher pressures than real bp). I’ll most likely keep my max powder charge to 40gr from now on though.
Here’s what I learned, double check my measure before I load big charges and I personally have no business reloading anything that uses smokeless powder. Black powder has plenty of idiot tolerance but smokeless doesn’t and a little mistake like mine could kill someone.
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