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I have used several Lee presses and can find some fualt with them all. But all in all, they are okay. I use the O frame challenger single stage for rifle. Ain't much to mess up with a single stage

I have a turret and the Pro 1000. Both can be a sweet as it gets, then on another day give you hair pulling fits. The weak link in the Lee Turret and progressive presses are those blasted plastic indexing gears. But, for what the gears cost, it is just a minor aggrivation. Just be warned that the Pro 1000 is strickly handgun ammo. The Turret will load some large case rifle with the auto index removed.

If you are on a budget, but a Lee. If you got money to spare, buy a Dillon.

BTW, I am selling the Lee Turret with auto index, a set of .45 ACP dies, the Delux powder measure as a set for $75 if you are interested. The Turret press was just rebuilt by the factory. I know, I know this was shameless.

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