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Kid, a scale merely will give you a more accurate amount in weight . Concistancy means the same throw of a load each time you pour it into your barrel. That mean volume, I doubt if you carry a a scale and trickler with you in the field to load a BP c&b revolver...that is my point. A 30gr spout on a flask for me, I know throws 27/28gr of BP, if thats not accurate enough for a non-cartidge gun i don't know what is. Conistancy can be a horn tip or a hollowed piece of wood. I have found that most people who think a powder scale is needed are mostly modern cartridge gun shooters with out the foundation of how it used to be done traditionally and is still done today. My friend George is saying volume measuring is not right, and I say it is and a scale is not needed. But one can be used is one wants to complicate a simple task such as loading a BP Gun. It's really not Rocket Science. What ever shoots best and gets most consistant tight groups is what is correct...doesn't matter what it weighs. Try weighing FFFg and check it's volume the weigh FFg and check it's volume...they will not be the same.

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