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George, No arguement from me on what you said above and that's what I have been saying all along but maybe I need to clear up a couple of things.
Weighing powder will always give you a more consistent load for load , we all know that. The problem comes in when you have a measurer that say's you are loading 40g but you may not because it could be off a little. The best way to check that is to fill your measurer and then weigh it to see what the results are. If it weighs out to 40g then you are all set and you know that powder measure is right on for 40g and you can use that for fairly consistent loads.
No measurer will ever be as consistent as a set of scales and a trickle charger and here is why..... If you use a spout from a flask you place your finger over the end of the spout and turn it upside down and open the latch to let the powder fill the spout and your finger keeps the powder from falling out . The problem is that the spout may hold 40g when in a upright possition but when you place your finger over the spout the skin or tissue of your finger is pushed into the spout taking up just a little room in the end of the spout. When you turn the flask up straight and take off your finger you will see that the spout is not all the way full so you may have 38g instead of the 40g you wanted.
Now none of this is a problem for most people because there gun shoots great with this charge and it will be real close every time for them.
If your useing a dipper you need to level off the the top and some people shake it a little or they may just scrape it off with a finger. No way will you get the same load every time. The same thing happens with my powder measuerer , when I slide the spout over to level off the powder it still may not take off the same powder right down to the last grain . It will not be perfect every time.
If I use a set of scales and use a dipper to place powder in the scales pan I may need to ad or remove some or a few grains to get it perfect. I always usd a light amount with the dipper and then used a trickle charger to drop one grain at a time in the scales pan to reach my perfect load.
In the old days no one worried all this much about it and some just dumped the amount of powder that looked right to them in the crease of there hand and that was close enough for them and it must have worked.
As someone mentioned above many used a horn measurer and that's the way my .32 and 45 muzzle loaders are set up. The cap on my powder horns are hollwed out to hold just the right amount of powder for each load. No need to cary a measurer in the woods.
Hope this helps and I think we were on the same page anyway The way I explain things somtimes is not all that great and I'm sorry for any confusion I may be causeing here.
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