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Rod WMG,
My source for the load is They list the max load of 2400 at 20.? gr,(can't remember exactly). My other loading references list the Hercules 2400 (let's you know how out of date they are) between 1 and 4 grains higher. I'm happy with the results I have so far. I looked very closely at the barrel, and saw no signs of leading or unburned powder, so I believe I may have hit the right combo.

Mal H,
Interesting. I came to the same conclusion about wimpy loads. I had considered using Bullseye instead of 2400, thinking I needed a quicker *punch* to upset the base of the slug so that it would fill the barrel. Another option I had considered was the use of a round ball in .430 dia. I don't want to go there though because I doubt it would cycle through the action. The 233 grain slugs I tried were a bit short(?) and hung up going into the chamber.

Next up is going to be loading a .44 Special version for the Trapper. Should prove interesting.

CCW for Ohio action site.
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