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I don't know. Maybe this should be another thread, but years ago, I had a load in the 30-06 with 4895 powder and 150 gr. bullets. I later went to heavier bullets and slower powders.
Recently, I was offered a killer deal on an 8 pound can of IMR 4895. Not having a chrongraph at the time I was using that early load, I loaded some up. Pressures were excessive. Nothing serious, but definitely much higher than my original loads. I have run into this with 2400 also. I had always used Keith's load with 240 gr. cast lead, but with the last can I bought, I had to cut the load by two grains.
Remember when DuPont brought back IMR 4831? It was closer to IMR 4350 than Hodgdens H4831. I wonder if this phenomenon is related to the powders giving higher pressures being fresher, as IMR's 4831 was, compared to surplus H4831?
Any comments?
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