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I would have called Mr. Green, but Bill M. just talked me out of it . Thanks for the lead though; I'll keep that number handy in case I can't find anything closer to the metro Atlanta area. I've been using a borrowed mold for the 250K bullet, but have been getting some pretty bad leading, so now I am considering getting the gas check version for hot 44 loads and just leaving the gas check off for plinking.

As for using the linotype, I just thought it would be easier to cast without dropping into water. My current alloy is 8lbs. WW + 2oz of tin (lead free solder:95%tin, 5%antimony) and if my math is correct (a big "if") my alloy breaks down to 94%lead, 2%tin, and 4%antimony. I guess the big "if" comes from whether or not the Lyman manual is correct in it's assumption that WW are .5% tin -- otherwise I might need more tin. Whaddya think about the makeup of WW - is Lyman correct or is their info to be taken as a very loose rule of thumb?

BTW, Buffalo Arms sells pure tin at $7\lb.; are there any better prices out there that I should check into?


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