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Jack. The two bullets you are asking about appear to be the same, with the exception of the rebate for gas checks. I have the gas check version, and I like it quite well.
Looking for a source of linotype I would suggest the supplier closest to you. Shipping costs can eat you out of house and home. I am lucky, as my supplier is only 50 miles away, and I can go and pick it up myself.
The closest supplier i could locate to you is in Louisiana. In the Jan-Feb. 1999 issue of THE CAST BULLET, he had an ad for Linotype, 50 pounds $25.00. That's a damn good price.
Data is as follows. Robert Green
290 Russell Road
Stonewall, LA 71078
Ph: (318) 925-6734
He hasn't had an ad since then, but it might be worth the price of a phone call to find out if any is left.
An alternative, if you want harder bullets, is to heat treat wheel weight metal. I posted instructions on another thread. This will give you bullets even harder than linotype. Lino here runs about $1.50 a pound. I use it to put a bit more tin into wheel weight metal for easier castability. It is a good handgun alloy as is, and when heat treated is great in rifle bullets. I can duplicate factory 30-30 with thisd metal, including accuracy, and terminal effects are exactly as factory bullets. In fact, when I use my 30-30 for hunting, all I use are cast bullets. I have about 8 boxes of factory ammo that have sat on the shelf for years. I suppose I'll shoot it up someday for the brass. LOL Come to think of it, my son-in-law just gave me 5 new boxes of Winchester 170 gr. ammo.
If that guy Green is out of lino, let me know and I'll give you the address of my supplier. Shipping charges from Arizona won't be cheap though. He does have cleaned wheel weights for about $.50 a pound, which is cheap as hell around here.
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