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yes and no

I think there are a couple of guys at church that hunt every year, but so far we haven't been invited to join them. The hubster and I are decided that when we can afford it, we're going to get some land up north of here that will eventually be for retirement/family vacations/HUNTING (not in that order!) Being restricted to the public hunting lands, even as much land as SHNF is (well over 100,000 acres in a crazy-quilt arrangement covering parts of 3 counties) is tough. Not that I'm telling anybody here what they don't already know.

Hubster always registers for the Texas draw hunts too. He's gotten to bowhunt in Kerr County WMA twice (missed two years to illness altogether) but getting those is an exercise in patience on a multi-year scale.

The good news is, 100,000+ acres means that there's a WHOLE lot of national forest that we haven't even driven PAST yet, let alone scouted. I'm thinking of driving up to some of the little patches of NF land between I-45 and 59 maybe Friday (when it'll be too cold for ME to be out, I think) and maybe scout a bit if I find some likely looking land. Alternatively, there are some farther-out WMAs, like Robertson County, that might lack the intense hunting pressure of the only WMA near Houston that even allows deer hunting

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