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I didn't think you were trying to say it held 40 grs of 3f, mebbe not 40 of 2f, just that you shoot 3f accurately, mebbe 2fwon't shoot as straight.

My measure is not worth a damn. I'd like to find a flask with interchangeable spouts up to 40 grs., and a better measure, kinda like the one you show up above, with the sweeping funnel. Till then, gotta go to the next size cartridge case, charge weigh and mark.

What kind of capper is that in the pic? My own brasser with the spring fingers holds 27 caps, fingers are a little in the way, need filed for the Colt, won't even start in the tapered nutches in the Rem's nipple holes, gotta thumb them on and my fingers must be not as nimble as they once were. Angled nipples help, but would like to get one that fits the Rem.

Since reading the guy who blew a slot in his thumb seating them, then the guy from The Hobby Gunsmith who got in a big fight with the Territorial Governors of SASS or somebody when they outlawed hammer seating, and seeing his side of the argument, I think it makes sense to hold the muzzle downrange and hammer seat. If it DO go off, hey, it's in the direction it was supposed to go, anyhow, not in your neighbor's direction.


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